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Military Friendly Lending

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Responsible Lending Commitment for Military Customers

All military customers who apply for a loan through Pioneer Military Credit enjoy the protections of a Responsible Lending Commitment, put in place to ensure military families receive the most trusted and reliable financial services available in the marketplace. The practice and protections in our Responsible Lending Commitment differentiate Pioneer from others in the industry and are intended to help educate customers on what they should expect and deserve from a financial service provider.

Military Lending Act Compliant

Safe and Secure

No-Cost Return

Free Financial

Responsible Lending Commitment

The following protections have been a part of Pioneer’s day-to-day business practices for years. We’re proud to set this standard, offering access and protections to military families that may have been underserved by other mainstream financial institutions in the past.

Security and Protection of a Regulated Institution

A regulated financial provider offers you the security, protections, and privacy you deserve. Pioneer is affiliated with Lead Bank, member FDIC, a respected state-chartered community bank, and is itself compliant with all federal and state regulatory requirements. View a list of current Business Licenses held by Pioneer. A high level of regulatory oversight, and the scrutiny it brings, ensures strict adherence to all regulations and consumer protections.

Applications Underwritten to Ensure a Borrower’s Ability to Repay a Loan

It is our goal to only offer loans in amounts we believe our customers will be able to repay without falling into a cycle of debt. We always underwrite applications and perform credit checks that take into consideration an individual’s ability to assume a loan.

15-Day No-Cost Return Guarantee

Pioneer gives our customers time to review and compare rates and terms. All loans are backed by our 15-day cancellation option. If a customer can find a better loan with another lender, changes their mind, or no longer needs a loan, they can cancel with absolutely no obligation and at no cost.

Structured Closed-Ended Traditional Installment Loans

All loans offered through Pioneer Military Credit feature fixed rates and terms that provide equal installment payments of principal and interest. This allows borrowers to know how much their payment is every month, when it is due, and how long it will last.

Military Friendly Consumer Protections

Pioneer and its partners adhere to all federal military lending protections, including the Military Lending Act (MLA) and Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) requirements. Even before the MLA became law, Pioneer never had prepayment penalties, mandatory allotment requirements, or mandatory arbitration clauses that would restrict a customer’s choices.

Credit Agency Reporting to Help Borrowers Build Credit History

Pioneer believes it is important for military customers to establish a positive credit history. We take the time to educate and help customers build credit by reporting fair and accurate information in accordance with The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that may benefit them in the long term.

Safety and Security

We are committed to security and privacy, utilizing the latest online financial tools/integrations to protect customer identity and personal information. Our Privacy Policy is also readily available on our site.

Free Financial Education

We believe our best customer is an educated customer. We help military members, and their families take steps to better understand their finances through online financial education materials and resources.

Customer Focused, Industry Leading Lending Practices and Guidelines

Pioneer understands the unique circumstances of military life and is proud to provide access to military-friendly products that help build credit while meeting financial needs. We challenge other lenders to abide by these best practices, guidelines, and protections.

This Responsible Lending Commitment reflects Pioneer’s ongoing commitment to military families, protections for its customers, and the high standards to which the company adheres. If you are considering a loan to make ends meet, make sure it follows the good practices described here.

Military Friendly Lending